Thought I would save a large amount of money by purchasing rough cut lumber. Boy was I wrong! Few things I learned in the process.
#1 This requires the correct machinery
#2 My DC is not up to snuff
#3 Just because it looks good on the outside doesn't mean it looks good on the inside
#4 Almost convinced myself I just needed bigger and better tools.
#5 Unconvinced myself that I needed bigger and better tools (because you are not as skilled in woodworking as think)
#6 Decided that purchasing the lumber already to size is going to be cheaper, and easier.
#7 After destroying 50% of the (money saving rough cut) a light bulb appeared over my head, and I came to the conclusion that saving money buying rough cut, for me is not saving money.

So the search for "project" lumber begins.

Which type of wood shall I purchase to learn and improve my woodworking skills? A maker of fine furniture I definitely am not. Bookshelves, honey bee boxes, small things, think I will start there. Guess that narrows it down to pine, cypress maybe some cedar.

Okay got that off my chest, I feel better now.