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    Home Depot clearancing Ryobi tools

    It hasn't hit the south that much yet,but a few good sources indicate the Ryobi 12 inch D.P and Planer in the 13 inch are going down into the $60 + $40 range and the Scroll saw even less. Might wanna check inventory and see whats going on. Just because it says 1 price in the store it might ring up another so at least ask if interested.Heres a way to check inventory at your stores, http://sd.site88.net/homedepot.html ,but you will need the sku and store no's .The store numbers are available in the pdf included in this link, You'll have to look up the SKU on your own at the HD website. I highly recommend not calling about these if your interested as a lot of the local employees have been known on occasion to snatch them up and resell on CL and e-bay for a tidy profit. Hope ya'll find some, also if it indicates none in stock thats usually an indicator that 1 of 2 things, low or no inventory or only display left which usually gurantees the lower price,Tommy

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