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    How does one make lites / mullion for glass cabinet doors?

    I am making a full pane glass door for a kitchen cabinet. I would like to give it a french style look with 6 lites and i need to know how to make the mullion. can anyone refer me to a site or give some insight into how this is done????

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    Re: How does one make lites / mullion for glass cabinet doors?

    If you're thinking along these lines....

    Fairly good instructions with the MLCS window set....

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    Re: How does one make lites / mullion for glass cabinet doors?

    I used a set of the MLCS Miniature Glass Door Rail and Stile bits to make a set of glass doors for dining room project. As Joe Scharle said in his post, their write-up (a link to the instructions is shown on the link above) really helps understand how to set the bits and make the cuts. I used a Festool Domino to join the door rails and stiles for added strength since the coped joint is fairly small and added strength was needed. I've included a few pictures that give you a few hints -- you can see more in my Album called "Dining Room Cabinet Commission".

    One of the biggest secrets is to make a "carrier" piece to support the mullion on the second pass through the profile bit. The same carrier is used to support the mullion as you make the coping cut on the ends. The next picture shows a coped mullion with the carrier in the background with its mating side shown.

    The next picture shows the intersection of a pair of small coped mullions with a solid full length one. Care must be taken to get correct lengths of the short and long pieces.

    Finished doors.

    Hope this helps.

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