Klingspor's Woodworking Shop (Mar 2017)

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Wanted: Overarm blade guard
Wanted by HMH
Offer Price: $0.00 USD
Parks 96 planer
For Sale by old-delta
Ask Price: $0.00 USD
Performax Drum Sander
For Sale by Larry R. Tysinger
Ask Price: $500.00 USD
Reliant Bench Drill Press w fostner bits, mortising chisels, Delta Mortising attachment
For Sale by Hctapmij
Ask Price: $175.00 USD
8" Jointer hunt
Wanted by Chilihead
Offer Price: $0.00 USD
Tulip Wood scraps (Rosewood)
For Sale by ncfromnc
Ask Price: $0.00 USD
Jessem Miterslide
For Sale by cfield60
Ask Price: $150.00 USD
North Brothers No. 2101 brace, 10"
For Sale by MarkE
Ask Price: $60.00 USD
SHOP FOX W1752 Mini Wood Lathe
For Sale by jaustin
Ask Price: $250.00 USD
Delta Shop master Dust Collector Model AP-400
For Sale by Hctapmij
Ask Price: $150.00 USD

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