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  1. Making A time tracking application in excel part 1

    Making A time tracking application with excel.Part1
    In my previous post, I gave you guys a workbook that I started on. In the intro video, I asked for any suggestions and/ or feedback. One suggestion was to make it look and act like an actual application. So I am starting a completely new program. You can download the workbook here. Then click on the video link and follow along. Please let me know what you think.
    -- Scott
    eCabinets and excel
  2. Introduction to Creating a Time tracking workbook with excel

    Hello, everyone. It has been awhile since I have posted anything here. I am working on a new excel project. That some of you may be interested in. It is a time tracking program in excel.
    You can check out the Introduction video at this link
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  3. How you can draw 3 cabinets with one common face frame in eCabinets.

    In this video I show you how I took a one opening cabinet and made a single cabinet with three openings and one face frame that will allow you to assemble it as three separate cabinets. Then install those cabinets and apply the face frame on the job site.
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  4. My Latest excel project. Using a excel user form to transfer eCabinets face frame parts into line drawings.

    If you build cabinets with face frames in eCabinets then you probably spend a lot of time dimensioning the frames in the line drawing editor. Well in this video I am demonstrating my latest project. I have made a excel user form that will automatically format the board stock listing worksheet and copy the selected cabinet onto my clipboard. This will allow me to paste the face frame parts as a table in eCabinets line drawing editor with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

    eCabinets and excel
  5. Another method to remove the back ground from eCabinets Jpg images with Inkscape

    This is a quick follow up video on removing the background from the jpg image that is produced in eCabinets presentation view.

    I was asked if there was a way to remove the background that was showing through the window.

    In this video I show you how you can get this done using the Mask and set method in Inkscape.

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