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  1. Cypress 6 T&G ceiling finish


    Im renovating a 35 yr old house with cypress 6 ceilings and moulding.

    Theyre unfinished and Id like to clean & brighten them up a bit.
    A woodworker friend recommended no finish, just Murphy Oil soap but I recently saw some beautiful ceilings (not cypress) finished with tung oil.

    What would you recommend?
  2. Rough Cut Lumber in / near Clayton

    Good afternoon to everyone.

    I'm semi-new to woodworking. I started 3 years ago, building beehives, still doing that, but want to move up into furniture. However, right now it's mainly the bee stuff. I've used the hive parts to hone my skills and to help me 'upgrade' my tool pile.

    My tools are the standard homeowner types. All were bought fro Craigslist, yard ales or pawn shops.

    Most of my projects are being made from the cull pile at Lowes or HD. I break ...
  3. Terrible story

    This is from our local paper.
    Blaze does an estimated $30K in damage to workshop in West Iredell

    Buy Now

  4. Looking for a Refinisher Recommendation

    I have a neighbor who has just moved to Walkertown. She is looking for a refinisher to do some repair work on her furniture that was scratched during the move. Can anyone please give me a recommendation?
  5. Cutting Threads in Dowel Rods

    Hey all...anyone have experience cutting threads into dowel rods? I picked up a wood thread tap and die set. Tap cuts internal threads OK. The thread box simply mangles the dowel. I've tried maple dowels, oak, pine, poplar; followed the instructions; cut dry; cut lubed with oil; sharpened the cutting iron best I can...mostly made kindling for my burn barrel. Who's had luck?

    Anyone try the Beall system, uses a jig and bit and user supplied trim router to advance the dowel into/past ...
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