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    Update: I called the shipper around 1330 hours and was told my Maverick would not be delivered until the end of the day because it had been loaded on the front of the delivery truck. Now I knew I was being lied to. I waited until about 1445 hours, called back, and spoke to a different employee. He researched and said my Maverick did not make it on a truck today. I went off (a common theme in the delivery process). The new employee said too bad, so sad, not today.

    I calmed down and asked to speak to a supervisor. The employee put me on hold and after ten minutes came back and said the machine would be loaded and delivered by the next available driver. I seriously had my doubts.
    I received a call about 1630 hours from the driver who said he was getting ready to leave and was forty minutes out. He then complained that he had not heard of my hometown and asked for directions. I didn’t think I would have to provide directions to a professional shipping company since an iPhone can take you to my home. No problem, I gave him directions and waited.

    At about 1730 hours, the driver called and confirmed he went the wrong way. He wanted me to go sit by the highway and wait for him so I could lead him to my home. Yep! No worries, I drove out and guided him to my driveway—a paved road to a paved driveway in the heart of a country town. The driver turned out to be very nice and got out of my way as I worked the forklift for the first time in my life! The little machine with the extended forks handled the 1250 pound load with little trouble.

    Here are some shots of the pallet off the truck:

    And here is my newest woodworking machine in the process of coming alive: